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Ctrl Informatique IT and management solutions for SME

Ctrl Informatique create, optimize, rescues or renovated since June 2011 IT parks French or European sponsors seeking to improve productivity. Given societal idiosyncrasies of each, the profitability of your activity behind the infallibility and especially customizing your IT solutions. Based in Paris, Ctrl Informatique advises, trains and assists entrepreneurs so that they cover all confidence in their management tools.

Structure to optimize

Today, be it video or telephony, internet, wireless or intranet terminals or software, your computer network must be prioritized to properly orchestrate your business. The technical complexity of protocols and hardware make it becomes almost impossible to do without a technical partner providing reliable and structuring IT solutions. Such are the craft and passion Ctrl Informatique.

Ctrl Informatique stands for polyvalence

You work in commerce, communications, law, or the environment, industry or finance? You are experiencing systemic problems in the IT solutions you depend? Looking for a serious partner for safeguarding your sensitive data? Your employees suffer from chronic viral attacks or sporadic connections? Overall, electronic tools expected to participate in your development are the cause of endless time losses. These problems are beyond you; these problems bother you. Ctrl Informatique is going to do.

Philosophy of our expertise

 Whether you have internalized or outsourced these issues Ctrl Computer intervenes at all levels through complete or partial solutions as a commercial basis: putting people at the heart of a stable relationship... Discover all our IT solutions and management! Contact us if you want to grow serenely...

IT solutions

We share our passion for quality with business leaders who make the human dimension and a priority teamwork. Our vision of the technology is that it is a service to its users. We offer a simple and comprehensive offer that matches all of your computing needs.

Our suppliers

Management Solutions

CTRL Informatique offers management software that meets all the issues.


Assistance informatique Paris

A technical problem or a hardware problem should not have a lasting impact on your business. Therefore CTRL Informatique responds quickly and provides a personalized service through the handling simple and secure remote.

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