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Our customized IT solutions

Our IT solutions are primarily designed for companies and not to individuals! You benefit from dedicated services or want to hire a service provider, Ctrl Informatique accompanies all entrepreneurs in defining or optimizing their electronic park through a range of practical software solutions:

Implemented server solutions 


Server backups, file servers, email servers, database servers, cloud servers! Ctrl Informatique configures all server solutions necessary for the operation of a connected society.

Implemented Wireless solutions 


Installations of wireless networks within your company even if it consists of different buildings. Ctrl Computers also offers solutions for captive portals and wireless net supervision or reporting.

Migrations or virtualization servers


Backups of your data for the replacement of obsolete equipment and management replacements of your servers or PC to facilitate the serene business continuity pending the installation of systems to date.

In place of permanent records solutions 

Our company offers various IT solutions to preserve your data to ensure immediate recovery in case of fire or flooding.

Sustainable and accessible IT solutions

Network security


Your Internet networks benefit, but unfortunately depend mainly, different entry points. In addition, you legislature imposes different obligations on archiving logs. Our IT solutions and advise you solve all your troubles.

Established antivirus solutions


Enjoy the latest market technologies in the field to focus on your work while maximizing your protection against hacking or intrusion of your systems.

Monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure


Today, the average length of an IT park is about four years. All your machines may have no need to be replaced, however. Ctrl Computer establish a detailed report of their health to avoid unnecessary expenses. She advises you also on issues of obsolescence reported to use the wage and therefore the optimization of working time.

Video surveillance


Reflection, configuration or installation, Ctrl IT loads from A to Z the implementation of video systems guaranteeing peace and preserving your physical plant.



The quality of your signal depends not only on the physical characteristics of USIT materials but also their logical and therefore permanent installation. Ctrl Informatique guide you to the best possible connectivity.

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